American Airlines 787 Taking Off Over Mumbai {Photoshop}

So I was watching South Korea vs Honduras in soccer and got sad on how unfairly South Korea got treated towards the end of the game so I needed to put my mind on something else so I created this
And I also didn’t post a photoshop in a while…

Anyways relatively simple but whatever
Here ya go:


Awesome! Great photoshop skills :)

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but this was a pretty low effort work

All you have to do is get rid of the Backround, and paste the city, and then add the lighting …


i like it, not only is it wonderful but you also did it whilst watching the olympics! i couldn’t of done that

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if you think its easy (which by the way it is pretty easy)
lets see you do it then ;)

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thanks! :D

I don’t have photoshop, lol!

then get it

its aight guys
no need to start a fireworks show here
@PlanesForLife is right it is pretty simple

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Why should I spend money just to prove something to you?

no i actually reccomend it. it’s a good thing to have

Okay, I know …

i like your definition of an argument
@Jompa can u post some more photoshops please. can you do one with ANZ A320 at NZQN?

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ill try 2 do is asap
though im going out of town next week

i got mine for free xD
but since you have a mac idk…

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thank you
there is still plenty of time

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i actually had mine pre-installed on mine :)

which version? :o

adobe photoshop CC 2014