American Airlines’ 787 Dreamliner Screenshots

I flew the American Airlines’ Boeing 787 Dreamliner from Dallas Fort Worth to Honolulu. The flight was uneventful, and I took screenshots.
Time: 7 hours, 35 minutes
Aircraft/Airline: American Airlines B789
Server: Training

At the gate at Dallas Fort Worth, preparing for a flight to the Hawaiian Islands.

Lined up on the runway!

Taking off from DFW, prepared for the 7 hours ahead.

Cruising over KSAN!

Descending into Hawaii.

On final at PHNL!

Landed in Hawaii, after 7 hours in the sky.

Parked at the gate as another Dreamliner lands.


I think I saw you at KDFW. :)

Were you the F22 or aircraft near the airport?

B772ER headed for KATL

Checked my replays, couldn’t find it. What was your display name?

Callsign: PILOTCSG

Username: IFC - PilotCSG

Couldn’t find it. I was on Training Server.

beautiful shots!!! looks incredible that dreamliner sure is photogenic

Thanks @Tomjuul1996

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That looks like it was a good landing!

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Nice shots!! Love all the different angles, think it could use some editing though. My favorites are the one at the departure gate, and overflying KSAN! Hope to see more like this nice job!

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I the flight took me 5 hrs, by the way good pictures