American Airlines 777 decreased in quality

Hello, apparently I see an issue with the American Airlines liveries for 777-200er. Ever since the 777-200er had the little hotfix, It looks as if the rendering quality has decreased to medium even though all of my settings are high. Both AA 777s dont have that shine to them anymore. Also the AA, One World, and Nordwind liveries seem to be darker in shade after the hotfix.

Device: IPad Pro (2018)

Rendering quality=high
Rendering resolution=high
Texture quality=high

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Is what you’re describing similar to this…

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Yes, but I decided to make a support topic to bring attention to it, I can’t unsee it now.

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I’m not disputing the category you placed it in, just asking if it’s similar :)

Anyway, it seems that you’re not alone in noticing this and if the devs/staff catch an eye on this, they will most likely add it to their list of fixes.

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Is the cockpit also a little blurry? An app restart usually solves the case if you do have a little bit of a blurry cockpit which seem to relate to the big picture here.

I’ve have restarted the app, nothing changed. There’s no blurriness in the cockpit though.

I noticed this too today. I thought maybe it was just me but I guess not. You’re right, I can’t unsee it hahahaha

Able to reproduce. Will place this issue in the tracker to see if we can get this addressed. Thanks for the report.

iPad Pro 11"
iOS 13.5.1


Thanks for the report, this should now be fixed after restarting the app. (Nordwind and 2 AA liveries)

Let me know if it’s not the case.



props to the devs !!

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The quality in the cockpit on the 777 is also decreased, as a example the text to show when to take out the flaps are unreadable

What is your render quality at because im flying it now on high settings and its perfectly visible

I’m flying it right now on all high settings and I can read the max flap speeds perfectly fine