American Airlines 777-300ER MIA - LAX

Another day, another airline, another domestic widebody flight! This time, it’s an American Airlines 777-300ER from Miami to Los Angeles. American operated this route up until recently with 777-300ERs until downgauging in Spring 2023 to the Airbus A321NEO, possibly a sign of downsizing the LAX hub. Since we don’t have the NEO in Infinite Flight, and I’m much more partial to the big Boeing widebody (bigger, flies faster, flies farther, etc.), I flew this route with the Triple Seven.

Server: Solo
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER
Airline: American Airlines
Seat: 20L
Route: KMIA - KLAX
Time en Route: 4 hours 22 minutes @ 36,000 feet

Boarding at Miami’s Gate D5A

Starting Engine No. 2 prior to taxi

Rocketing out of Miami

Leaving South Florida behind us

No land in sight here, out over the Gulf

Deep in the heart of Texas

Descending past Lake Havasu City

Passing downtown on our final descent into Los Angeles

Thrust reversers open, spoilers deployed, autobrake set to medium

Parked and deplaning at Gate 43 at LAX


It seems that the engine is beautiful😂

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