American Airlines 777-200ER (EGLL-KJFK)

Parked at T3 getting ready for the 6hr flight to KJFK

Takeoff at runway 27R (with A220’s in the background)

Cruising over the Atlantic

On final at KJFK using runway 22L

Normal landing on runway 22L

Hope you enjoyed!


You’ll note from the attached when flying west bound you should be at an even flight level.

Not following this significantly increases the probability of a mid air collision along sometimes overlapping trans Atlantic routes

This is true, but for the full story it makes sense to also state that in real life westbound NAT tracks can be flown on even as well as on odd flight levels. This depends on the published flight levels.

But I agree, in IF it makes sense to stick to the rule :-)

by the way: Nice pics!