American Airlines 757 Old Livery

American Airlines Pre 2013 Livery

Credit to Angelo Bufalino: Link

With the new 757 Rework Update, we got a wonderful remastering of the 757…but this is bittersweet. For an update with a goal of adding more retro liveries, they removed the most iconic one. The one I flew the most when I flew the 757 pre-update. My most favorite livery of all time. This increased my disappointment considerably. The goal of this request is to bring the Vignelli American Airlines livery back to Infinite Flight.

I really want to see this make a return to the game, because this livery carries great significance for me, and I hope it does for others as well. Please consider giving it a vote!

History of This Livery (Wikipedia)
In the late 1960s, American commissioned designer Massimo Vignelli to develop a new livery. The original design called for a red, white, and blue stripe on the fuselage, and a simple “AA” logo, without an eagle, on the tail; instead, Vignelli created a highly stylized eagle, which remained the company’s logo until January 16, 2013.


You should vote for this livery because it remains iconic within the aviation world and it has a storied history whilst being very attractive with its polished look. Vote for this livery so that one day the devs will realize their mistake and bring this glorious historic retro livery back to Infinite Flight!

This livery was planned to be added, but unfortunately will not make it for this release. Since it’s probably coming soon, I’m not giving this my vote. Nice request, though.

So it’s not confirmed to have been removed yet? If that’s the case, I’m ecstatic that it might not disappear. I’m not holding my breath, however. I hope to keep this topic up until we get a confirmation that it will be coming with the reworked 757 at some point.

Yep, it was a work in progress.

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As Pingu said,

This should give you enough info that it will be coming and the topic can be closed - Cheers

Thank god! I can go without the livery for a little longer. The mods may close this topic, in that case.

Lol I was with you man, I had a heart attack at first.

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