American Airlines 748 SPJC to KMIA

This is my first flight on expert server!
I was a little nervous at first and thought I might do something wrong but it was awesome!
Aircraft: A321
Airline: American Airlines
Route: SPJC to KMIA
Flight time: 5h 45min
Server: Expert
Airports: Jorge Chavez to Miami International

Parked at gate

A rather long taxi to runway 15

And we have taken off!

The Andes mountains in Peru!

Mt. Cotopaxi in Ecuador… so cool!

Touchdown at Miami…

Chillin with the Americanos!


Cool photo of Cotopaxi Volcano ! Love it so much ! Great photos :)

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Thank you!

Cool Shots! for your info it an A321, idk If you made a typo or anything.

welcome to expert server!

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Thanks and I had written A321 only

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Hi do you want to fly with me from Copenhagen
To Madrid

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Umm ok when?

Now can you spawn to Copenhagen airport

Have spawn?

Oh wait now?

Dude I’m sry but I can’t play now.
But I can play in 45mins

Can you play now?

Yes I can play now spawn to gate C33

Have spawn to gate c33

Ok I’m spawning

Ok waiting

Will you make a flight plan?

The tittle is what I mean

Ohhhh No that’s the airline number “748”. So its American Airlines 748

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