American Airlines | 737-800

Hello :)

Happy Independence Day 🇺🇸

Let’s celebrate it with nice pictures of American Airlines in its retro style.
Let me give you some background why I chose to fly it:

I flew this aircraft on the same route (that I’ll show you later) in real life. It’s one of my most favorite routes to fly in Infinite Flight, because it’s very scenic with the coral reefs, swamps and Cuba.

I hope you enjoy my pictures of this amazing flight

Flight Details

Route: KMIA 🇺🇸 - MZBZ 🇧🇿
Aircraft: 737-800
Livery: American Airlines old livery
Flight Time: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Old vs New

Nice moonshot during cruise

Intense moonshot

And on final

At parking

I hope you enjoyed these :)
and enjoy your day 🎇


Fantastic shots!

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Awesome! Great for Independence Day!

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Thank you :)

@LoneStarAviation happy Independence Day mate

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Awesome pics love the moonshot😍

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Thank you 😊

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Happy Independence Day to you as well!