American Airlines 737-800 + Bonus Photo @ TBPB

I went for a session at the airport and it was mostly American Airlines

Me and my mom were technically breaking the law because we cannot leave home to go to places like the airport but we did it anyway

AAL612 in the One world livery buttering in Barbados. AAL1044 on it’s way to Charlotte. The second one you see here is the raw photo because he took off immediately.

Bonus photo

This is from January, an Eurowings A330 landing from Frankfurt.


That last one is 🔥

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the EW A330 or the AAL 738?

I just spotted the One World’s older brother the 772 in the one world livery earlier today!

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Oh cool! tbh american has sent some interesting stuff here.

AAL old livery
Air Cal
TWA livery
and the list is on and on

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The last one, the a330! 😀

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Please ensure that your photos are of appropriate quality (IE - relatively non-pixellated) before posting. :)

Lock 'em up, boys.