American Airline’s AAMP Training Videos | w/ Captain Warren VanderBurgh

I wanted to share some really cool and actually fun to watch videos. That’s specifically on AA’s Advanced Aircraft Maneuvering Program filmed and presented in April 1997 at the AA Flight Academy with Captain Warren VanderBurgh who sadly isn’t with us anymore though he surely left a mark in aviation and also gave a really fun and interesting presentations.
So please enjoy, and learn somethings new because I certainly have!

Also be aware that I got these videos from (Flight Crew Guide) also including their YT Channel I linked there——> So yeah I obviously don’t own these videos!

Video 1 -Unusual Aircraft Recovery Procedures

Video 2 -Control Malfunctions & Flight Instrument Anomalies

Video 3 -CFIT

Video 4 -Windshear & Microburst Review


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