American Airline pilot dies at controls

American Airlines captain dies at the controls despite desperate efforts of air stewardess to save himPlane was four hours into journey from Phoenix to Boston Logan airport But forced to make diversion to Syracuse, New York, after captain died Audio recording emerges of moment first officer radios ground control to say captain was ‘incapacitated’
One passenger tweets ‘life is short’ and says crew acted ‘professionally’

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(extract UK DAILY MAIL). Max Sends


Fixed your title, SCREAMING CAPS are never a good idea except for acronyms or words that are usually spelled in caps.


I hope he enjoyed his life of aviation :)


Noted. Wilco. Regrets. Max Sends

My prayers are with the family. May we never forget the picture who put there lives out there for the passion and freedom we enjoy today…flying


Sorry the pilots

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Better then some of the daily mail’s usual junk. May I just add, even tooth it is a American pilot, airline and route, the U.K. media seems to be doing the best reporting. Hmmmm…

RIP to the pilot. Tragic.

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R.I.P I hope he enjoying his life of flying

The link says: Passengers told CBS News they felt a sharp drop and some turbulence before the co-pilot announced the captain was ‘feeling unwell’.

Are they serious writting this?! …

That sounds like a legitimate account. Maybe they exaggerated a bit but it is much better than some other circumstances

“His time was up”

You are rude person

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what did i say its true

Wow how sad…RIP…