American Airline cadet academy program

Idk if you all are aware that AA just launched their cadet academy program.

So here how it works
You apply for it and if qualifed they will get you into the program and get your training started at one of their affiliated flight school.
Yes it is loan based so the 3rd party company will finance it…
You are looking at $80k to $90k
After successfully completing you are guranteed an Interview with their subsidiary airlines such as envoy and 2 others and upon hire you will flow through to AA. however job is not guranteed. CFI certificate will be included as well…
We are looking at 18 months of training and 24 months of experience.

My Question is that , i am doing my 4yr degree.
Is this program worthy enough to leave my college and start working on my training or not?
Need advice on that…


As for me, it depends on a lot of factors. I would advise that you finish college and apply for this program after college. If you will decide that you want to leave aviation, it is really worth having a degree so you can start a different career.



However, I’d consider transferring to Liberty University. Liberty combines the best of both worlds in that students earn their degree online and earn all of their certifications.

Classes are taken online and flight training is done at one of their (third party) affiliate schools.

Good luck!

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