American Air Force jet intersepting Russian spy aircraft. (1971, Colorized)

Stalking isn’t just an insta thing.

**2) Expert Server, SVO - IAH , at FL310 somewhere over the Finnish/ Russian Border, duration 9 Hours and 53 Minutes.


Nice pictures! But why was it on Expert? This seems a little unprofessional lol.

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The only force united are is the force to move random passengers off over booked flights.

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I saw “American Air Force jet” and expected a fighter jet.

Thanks for making me laugh.

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I’m on this earth for a good time

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I did not know the USAF had budget cuts.


Budget cuts?

Mate, if they have 787’s as multirole aircraft at that time imagine the amount of profit loss they’ve got currently!

Great pictures btw! Love the third one.


Like they can no longer afford their aircraft, so they are taking lends from United.

@UnitedVirtual Confirmed?


The USAF got 787s? Epic!

This should be called

“The UNITED States Air Force takes down comrades from Russia”

And here we witness a dogfight due to the current war of alliances, in this historic image a Star Alliance 787 is engaged in fighting a Sky Team A330, One World is currently out for maintenance due to a recent fight over the California desert that crippled their fleet

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