AMERICAN A330-200/300 and A319/321/737 ALL heritage liveries

This would be awesome to have

This should be in #features

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Here are some of the requests made by fellow community members:

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Don’t get so heated. They’re just stating rules:) PM for more inquiries
below are some helpful links to get you started. This includes some information regarding trust levels and more importantly the how this forum works. We ask that you please take a look through this important material and understand these posts. A lot of hard work was put into these topics for new members like you. We hope you enjoy your experience here with us. Please don’t hesitate to message a moderator if you have any questions. And last but not least, have fun!

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Rules? Just a game

This is a community:) Hence why it’s a website and not the actual app. And there are a lot of young people on here. So rules are rules. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to message me:)

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Simulator, actually.

There’s a features category for a reason. We also have rules in place so that we can manage 40,000 people into a peaceful community.

I’ve taken the liberty of gathering all your requests.


This a forum, a place for civilized discussions, adding on to Alpha there are rules in the app also, almost everywhere has rules and you have to follow them even if you don’t like them, get to know the place and you’ll learn why theses rules really do exist. Without rules the whole place would be a disaster with people constantly posting something not appropriate for the place or something that would be against the rules, so please, follow the rules.