American A321 experiences uncontrolled roll during take off

An American A321 departing Ney York’s JFK reportedly experienced an uncontrolled roll 45 digress to the left. And apparently “came as close as anyone to crashing” hitting a runway sight in the process. Fortunately everyone was fine, and it landed safely back at JFK.


Airbuses Innovative Technology helped stabilize the plane and save it.

Did it take off after the scary scenario?

This happened a while back and it’s now being investigated by the NTSB. Certainly odd how it happened but likely poor technique from the pilots. Took them a long time to turn back also, they reached their cruise alt then turned around.

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Here’s the ATC conversation:


I’m not sure what you mean here?

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Airbus Technology helped stabilize the pane.

Yep, That’s what I ment.

To be honest I’d say it was a good pilot that saved it. If anything it sounds like the aircraft may be to blame. Since the pilots say they didn’t do it, and they don’t think it was wind…

Doubt it. With all the A320 family aircraft in service it would have happened before and this is rare from what I gather, they are lucky the plane didn’t get destroyed completely.

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No, I agree that it likely wasn’t an airbus issue, I just also fail to believe that the good outcome was becuais it was an airbus

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Yeah, the reports will shed some light into it. We shall wait and see

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Not necessarily. This is an isolated incident and we have know way of knowing if it would have happened before. But it seems like some of those passengers have cheated death!

I dislike airbus so I’m kind of partying over here! I love Boeing. Dislike airbus.

Let that not get in the way of being objective. I think almost everyone prefers one or the other, but let us rember that both of them have a well proven track record of safe, effective, and reliable airplanes. Isolated incidents can slip through, but the majority of crashes are pilot, or maintenance related. Let’s let the full picture play out before we make assumptions…

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Exactly. I prefer Boeing.

Ya, I know, I’m just saying rember to be objective…

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People’s lives are at stake. No one gives a damn about the manufacturer, just as long as lives are safe. Don’t comment on these threads if you get excited when you see a near crash which could have cost hundreds of lives, seriously insensitive 🤦🏻‍♂️


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