American A321-211 N183UW Chevron Livery

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About the Chevron versions

Hello there
As we love divesity, why don’t we ask for the chevron CFM version of the existant AA321 ?
We all know the sharklet version has some colors diferences, that one would be its brand new bro
What do you guys think ?
Leave a vote to support that livery addition and see you soon with it (hopefully)

I don’t see a difference?

the engines

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What about them? 😂

The little sticky out yoke?

And it doesn’t have sharklets…

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This livery has no sharklets, it has chevrons, as opposed to the current plane we have.


Ah, ok, I see.

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there are not IAE2500 XD !! there are jsut CFM56-5B XD ha ha

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For a second I was like, is this a gas station livery? It’s pretty neat though.


no it isn’t XD but,
the colors will be better than those on the sharklets when this one will be made

Same. Tbh I’d have loved to see a Chevron Oil livery.

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