American A320 - Rate the Editing

What do you guys think of my editing?



I prefer the first one.


That’s ok I think it was just too dark

I think the enhancement really works. If you can change the wingtip fence’s colour just a little bit so you can see it, that’d be good.

If you have a higher power device where pixels are harder to see, use that.

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Did you try to edit the image with the plane taking off at noon?

My device is pretty old but I’m getting a newer one soon

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I just made it brighter it was at sunset it was taking

Don’t brighten it up so much, a tad brighter than the first picture would have worked just fine.

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Thanks for the feedback!

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My pleasure.

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Too saturated, too bright.

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Thanks for feedback I’ll edit another one hopefully it won’t be as bright

too saturated - Try to put anti aliasing on - It will make the plane look better

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Yours look better because you can put aircraft quality on high

What device do you have?

It’s a tesco hudl

then i doubt your plane quality can be better

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Yea it can’t

It is very difficult to see the difference between a real plane and an IF model when placed in a real world background.

Every edit I have ever seen posted in the past two years has always made the models look less realistic.

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Can I see one of your edits?