American A320 KSFO-KLAX

Hello and welcome onboard the A320! We are flying from KSFO-KLAX. Hope you enjoy your flight!
Route: San Francisco-Los Angeles (KSFO-KLAX)
flight time: around 1 hour
Time: sunset
Date of this flight: 30 November
Server: expert server
Also this flight was done in @ButterAllDay event!

Pushing back and preparing for taxi

Holding short of runway 10L



Descending into Los Angeles

Intercepting the localizer

Getting fully established

Gear down

Touchdown at KLAX!
Hope you enjoy!


Nice picture though I have to say when you where holding short on picture 2 no part of your aircraft should be past the hole short line (including your nose) That what I’ve been told though.


Yes i know my mistake thanks for checking it out 👊

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That always good when you know your mistake that says that you’re a good pilot!

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Great shots! Thank you so much for attending. I can’t wait for more!

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Look like a good landing. Great photos! 🙌

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Thanks @Pertonics @ButterAllDay and @ThomasThePro for taking a look

I believe it is only the nose gear, as long as the nose gear is behind the hold short line, you are okay.

Its not How to properly HOLD SHORT of a runway check this out it says you can not cross the thress hold untill cleared for take off