American A320 inaccurate engine

I’ve noticed this when this aircraft was released but wasn’t on these forums to raise this topic up.

Why does the American A320 N647AW have CFM engines when in real life it’s an ex America West A320 with IAE engines?

It’s a little detail, but small things like this should be expected from a “releastic” simulator.

Photo below is not mine, I don’t have time to dig through my 10s of thousands CLT plane watching pictures to find this registration.


May you do is a favor and post a picture from Infinite Flight of the
American A320?

So we can acutally compare the differences?

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Infinite Flight:


Not every detail will match. Some adjuststments are made such as removing Sharklets on certain aircraft. A registration doesn’t need to match the plane to a tee. That would surely increase development time quite a bit if they did this for every plane.

It would probably be easier to just change the registration to fit the engine ;)


Yes, that’s a CFM engine on an IAE aircraft. America West A320s were all IAE.

Yeah, but just found this picture:



Looking at what you’ve cropped out (the image title), it looks like that’s N122US (the registration isn’t there but the image file says part of the registration). American Airlines has both CFM and IAE-powered A320’s — the IAE aircraft come from the US Airways-America West merger, and the CFM A320’s were bought by US Airways.

This means that there are 2 potential solutions:

A) change the registration to a CFM-powered A320
B) change the engine type to that of an IAE A320

Huh. Definitly a major detail in my opinion.

Something like this can throw a plane-spotter like me miles off.

Pretty sure this is just your opinion on which engine you like, so I guess that this belongs in “Features”, but I won’t get in to that. Long story short is that it might be quote on quote"fixed", but I highly doubt it.

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