American A319 - PSA Livery

(Photo Credit: hsckcwong)

Up for consideration is this beautiful PSA heritage livery for the American A319. American is well-known for their special liveries, including AirCal, America West, TWA, US Airways and others.

Based in San Diego, PSA, or Pacific Southwest Airlines, was in business from 1949 to 1988. Known as “The World’s Friendliest Airline”, PSA operated a fleet of 75 aircraft to 31 destinations.

American currently has 127 A319s in its fleet, the largest operator of the type after EasyJet. These aircraft seat 128 passengers, and are primarily used on domestic routes.

The A319 is a great aircraft and needs more liveries, in Infinite Flight. If you’d like to see the PSA heritage livery on the American A319, please vote for this request.

Looks very nice, but I’m out of votes 😢


Same here I have seen its friendly smile grace the skies of Charlotte a couple times.

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Omg this is one of my favorite liveries right now!

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Why hasn’t this been talked about in a while. Here I’m gonna drop a photo of ol PSA


I’d hope that they’d have a few US Airways liveries, if it wasn’t for US, American wouldn’t exist. (They [American] filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2011, two years before the merger.)

The PSA livery does look cool though, kind of retro.

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