American A319 no vis through front windshield...

The weather around here was horrible last night. No doubt it was hail.

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And if the autoland didn’t work they would have to stick their head out the window.

@AndrewRG10 I want you to re-read what you just wrote. I’d like to see you stick your head out of a moving object traveling 130-150kts with your eyes open while trying to land an aircraft full of passengers and fuel in an emergency situation such as this. #youthoughtthatoneoutwell


I’m 97% sure that was a joke


I don’t know… Some of the stuff you folks say is pretty wack. So I wouldn’t put it past you guys.


Believe it or not, he’s right. In case of no visibility from the front windows and there’s no autoland available you shall open the window and stick your head out for a visual approach.

Here’s a video of a A320 pilot that says that himself. (Skip to 5:57.)


My point still stands. Try sticking your head out of a moving car at 80mph with your eyes open. It’ll be tough. Now double that speed give or take.


Yeah I agree with DeerCrusher here,

Just stick your hand out of the window on the freeway (please don’t actually do it), like an airplane wing… then turn it quarter way so that your palm is facing forward… that’ll “fwing” your arm back!

I don’t think that the pilots would stick their whole head out, just enough to see the runway clearly. It’s also rarely done, more likely with smaller planes with no autoland - that means that the landing speed would be slower, but still, would be painful.

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Besides that Joe guy is what I’m assuming is teaching from his airline specific procedures and European aviation procedures.

It’s hard for you to apply (the video you liked) to something without knowing exactly what the airlines’ (AAL) procedures are exactly for that specific aircraft. It’s a lot more technical than just searching up a YouTube video. 😉


Well your point stands but at the end it’s a procudure.

I was joking about a real-world procedure

I’m not sure what was the case but what else are you gonna do if you don’t have autoland or visibility surely that’s the only procedure.

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grabs popcorn when your trying too argue with an American Airlines (Envoy) Pilot 🤔 But any who once again goes too show why the US has some of the best trained pilots


Reading what Deer said from my prospective looked like he said that it’s not an actual procedure so I wanted to make it clear that it is.

Now I agree with this part. My thinking was since it’s a similiar aircraft, the procedure would be the same. But at the end my thinking is what would they do if they didn’t have autoland or visibility.

I’m pretty sure any mainstream airline pilot would be able to land a plane like this, just follow atc and setup the autoland

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@Boodz_G there is absolutely no way these pilots stuck there heads outside the side windshields of the Airbus. As @DeerCrusher mentions above.

I recommend you forget that theory and wait for more information to be released. Either one of the two options happened here:

  • Cat 3 autoland
  • pilots purely flew the aircraft from instruments and callouts til the ground.

I didn’t say they stuck their heads out of the window, Sam. I said that’s it’s an actual procedure in case of no visibility from the windows and no autoland is available.

That was what Joe said, he was a Pilot for Air Berlin. Now like I mentioned above, I agree with what Deer said but this keeps me thinking what would they do if that was their case?

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