American A319 "American West" Livery

photo credit - bottom right.

American holds this livery as heritage for the now deceased American West airline. We need more special liveries in the game for American such as the ones we have on the 737 series. These primarily fly into CLT. This livery holds a piece of history. And for that, I call for the addition of this aircraft :).

Old one has been closed :)
American Airlines “America west” A319 Livery

Wow! That looks amazing! Something about it image

Hope this can be added in a while when they decide to update A320 family liveies.


BTW a link is required for photo credit, when you search for ‘Ron Monroe’, it doesn’t bring up anybody relevant.


Another American livery…Okay?


What’s the difference between your feature request and the bottom one?

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This request was closed to make way for this topic. I think it’s safe to assume this is the official thread for this livery, especially since the one you mentioned is 4 years old.

Yup, Mr. sebby closed that one.

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Oh wow this is really nice 🤩

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Really nice indeed.

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Bumping this :)

Bumping this topic as well as new liveries are making their ways to the game.

I actually love this livery! Hope to see it in IF, you have my vote.