American 93 Heavy from the Alps to Mid-Atlantic

On Wednesday I flew a route I’ve wanted to for a few weeks now, Zürich to Philadelphia. American Airlines currently only flies from Zurich to Philly and it was recently upgraded to a 787 as they work to retire their 767s. I took off around 6:30 AM EST before I went to school and landed a little while after I got home. I landed about 15 minutes after the actual flight landed. This was a fun flight because it’s not often that I get to do long hauls during they daytime so even though the flight took almost 9 hours, it was during all daylight as I was traveling East-West. My callsign was American 93 Heavy (same as real life) and my flight time was 8 hours 48 minutes.

If you want to learn a little more about 787s at PHL, clock the box below

Flight Details

Route: Zürich, Switzerland to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Aircraft: Boeing 787-9
Airline: American
Callsign: American 93 Heavy
Distance: 4,383 Miles
Flight Time: 8 Hours 48 Minutes

AA 787s at PHL

As American works to retire their aging 767s, they are starting to use 787s in Philadelphia. Currently they are being used on international routes to Manchester, Amsterdam and Zürich, with more destinations in the coming months. On domestic routes the 787 is currently used at PHL with flights from Chicago (One of the shortest routes with a Heavy in the US), Dallas and Los Angeles. The 787 is also used domestically on routes to Hawaii from the mide west and West Coast, as well as from DFW-ORD. Until the Philly hub is staffed with 787 pilots, these routes will be staffed by Chicago and Dallas crews.

Gear up at 11:33 AM local time leaving the blue Zürich sky behind Turning Northwest as the majestic Alps loom behind
Cruising over the massive London metropolis The Blue Sky and White moon over the Labrador Sea between Canada and Greenland Crossing the North American Coast over the frozen tundra of Newfoundland and Labrador Flying over one of my favorite places on earth, Stowe, Vermont and Stowe Ski Resort on the peak of Mount Mansfield, the tallest mountain in Vermont Banking toward runway 9R as we overfly Wilmington and the Northwest corner of Delaware Flying toward the runway in the light of the slowly setting sun On final approach over the Delaware River as the runway lights shine On the ground in Philly with a touch down smoother than glass!

As always, please let me know your honest thoughts and your favorite photo!


And I’ve been running out of scenic routes to fly so please leave scenic route ideas of any length preferably around North America/Oceania!


The 787 is also used on the DFW-ORD route :)


Like always, you have some beautiful shots!

You should try doing some African routes: Casablanca - Algiers, Agadir - Frankfurt, Malabo-Madrid, that kind of thing.

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I was just talking about the PHL routes with the 787 but ill add that

I’ll add those to the list I have, I don’t fly around Africa often so those may be a fun change! Thanks

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Thats awesome. I was in phill yesterday when the Eastbound flight, flight 92 was boarding.

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A route from my most loved airport! Great pictures as always!

You could probably go to Geneva or Milan!

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Amazing as always @NoahM

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Here are some good ones:

EGKK-LIPZ (Gatwick to Venice)

PHNL-PHOG (Honolulu - Kahului)

MYNN-KBOS (Nassau - Boston)

SKBO - SKBQ (Bogota - Barranquilla)



I think these are your best ones yet 😍 I would recommend Sydney (YSSY) to Phuket (VTBS) in a Jetstar 787-8


How about Taipei to Brisbane?


Where were you heading to?

Thanks for those! I was actually planning on doing Phlliy to Nassau so I might just make that Boston!

Good one, I’ll add it!

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That means a lot @Aero!

Do you know about how long the route takes?

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It’s about 8 hours - 8:30 depending on winds.

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I was going to Charlotte to go back home

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I really enjoy your photos. They are never over-edited and for some reason the text makes them feel so professional, at least to me.

Great job! Keep it up.

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It takes 8hrs with a good wind

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