American 757 to Phoenix! Trip Report!

On Thursday, March 19th, 2019 I had the privilege to fly from Dallas Fort-Worth International Airport to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport on board the Boeing 757-200. Today’s plane was N200UU, a 24 year old Boeing 757-200. Boarding started at 8:45 a.m. local time and on this flight I was Group 1 and seat 2F, a window seat in first class. Upon stepping onto the plane, I could definitely tell this bird was showing her age, but, it’s a 757 and they are still beautiful airplanes no matter how old they are. Once I settled into seat 2F, I was offered a pre-departure beverage from the flight attendant which I politely turned down. This plane also had no IFE in the headrest but instead had the TVs that are wall mounted. This plane did have electrical outlets to charge your device. I also had plenty of legroom and could stretch my legs out no problem. The flight departed early at 9:02 a.m. local time. Boarding was quick and efficient as today’s load was light with only around 50? people onboard. Our departure gate was C31. Once boarding was completed, we pushed from the gate and very slowly taxied over to runway 18L since we were headed westbound. Shortly thereafter, we thundered into the sky after using about 2,000 feet of the runway. Climb out was steep and bumpy as there had been some convective activity the night before and some of it was still lingering around. We reached our cruised altitude of 36,000 feet (FL360) quickly and settled in. Since it was bumpy on the climbing and for the first 30 minutes, the captain made the flight attendants stay in their seats until we got out of it. Once all of that passed, the flight attendant up front started taking drink orders and meal orders. On today’s flight, we had two options for breakfast. They were both cold options. If I was to take a guess, this is because they want to deep clean all the ovens on the planes before they serve hot meals. The choices on today’s flight were a fruit plate with yogurt or a bagel sandwich with a banana. Since I tend to eat a little healthier when I fly, I opted for the fruit plate and yogurt. My drink of choice was a good ole cup of water. (Remember to stay hydrated kids). Believe it or not, the fruit plate and the vanilla bean yogurt was good. It didn’t take me long to devour it as I was hungry. After service was done, I decided to sit back, relax, fall asleep and enjoy the rest of the flight on board the 757. After what seemed to me like 20 minutes, (it was actually about an hour) we started our descent into the Phoenix area. Not long after that, we landed on runway 7R which is on the southside of the PHX airport. We exited the runway about 2/3rds down, crossed 7L and taxied to the gate which was gate A20. All in all, it was a wonderful and relaxing flight.

Some scores:







Any criticisms?

Not really. The plane was older and was showing its age but besides that, no. The flight was about half full so it was quiet and peaceful the whole flight


Ah, nice. Don’t think I’ll ever get to fly a 757

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They are starting to be retired. This plane was retired about a week after I flew it.


The 757 is definitely a nice plane. Only flew on it once with United. I agree with you the plane does show its age! Have you seen the cockpit, it looks so outdated compared to newer planes. Anyways nice pictures.

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I saw the cockpit since I was front. This place def had the older style cockpit compared to the other 757s I see

How DARE you rate the plane 7/10. All planes are perfect, especially the 757.




I love the 757. But this one was showing its age and had no IFE sooo.


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