American 737 on Final for DCA’s Runway 19

N111DC turning final at DCA on the 19 Visual Approach to avoid restricted P-56 and P-56B airspace over Washington, D.C.

Today, I flew from Miami to Washington via the Miami Int’l (MIA) and Washington Ronald Reagan National (DCA) airports on an American 737-800! I was copying flight AAL759 with the VALLY2 and the CAPSS3 arrival, which was slightly cut by IFATC. Stay tuned for a time lapse of the flight!


Scenery 100

The plane looks 11/10 though…
But yeah, the scenery needs love desperately 😉

Very true, both of you. The 14th Street Bridge there looks very little like a bridge and more like a broken computer 😂

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Nice picture! I just flew BNA-DCA five minutes ago and did the river visual!