American 643 in Disguise

AA643 from Boston to Harrisburg, flight time was 50 minutes in expert Server. I live about 45 minutes outside of Philadelphia so I love that the Mid-Atlantic is getting IF attention. Here is my American in Disguise flight, bonus points if you know who I stole the quote from

At the gate in Boston as a 737 bound for Chicago Midway taxies to runway 4L Holding short of 4L as an AA 737 butters his landing Steep ascent out of a hectic Boston Starting our Southwesterly turn image image Approaching MDT Buttering the Landing in the capital of Pennsylvania Following SWA to our gate
Let me know what you think


Kennedy Steve


Liking the landing! I don’t understand the disguise bit in the title?


American flight but still in a US Airways livery

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I really like that aircraft and livery choice. I hope you had a nice flight and nice pictures!

Why are they using a 737 on the shortest runway at Boston

I miss US Airways, they’re worse now that it’s American.

Good! I like it!

Nice photos and Buttering ;)

Nice very cool 👍

That’s what I call a precise landing! Looking good :)

Grease. Grease. No butter.

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