American 319 (Allegheny livery)

Hey so i saw this AAL A319 with a special livery and was wondering if anyone knew what the livery represented? Thanks


Continue in the thread above and maybe there someone would know. Im guessing a retro


American is using the retro livery to honor the legacy of Allegheny, which was the “original” US Airways.

It first merged with Lake Central, then Mohawk, and eventually changed its name to US Air in the 1970s. Then it merged with Piedmont and American West and changed its name “US Airways.” Then it eventually merged with American Airlines in 2013. So Allegheny is kind of the second launch pad for the American Airlines that exists today.

The livery’s purpose is similar to the AirCal, TWA, PSA, RenoAir, etc. retro liveries. All honoring past airlines that merged into American.


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