American 263 from KDFW to ZBAA diverts to CYYC

Well this made my work day a little more interesting. An American Airlines Boeing 787-8 heading to Beijing from Dallas was forced to divert here to Calgary. The cause of the diversion was a flap failure, which resulted in me witnessing a flaps-up landing. Needless to say it was the fastest landing I’ve ever seen. Everything worked out and a replacement aircraft is currently on its way here to pick up the passengers. It was pretty cool for us to see, as American no longer serves this airport. Pictures are all my own.


Well there are a lot of aviation related incidents that happen, the community is not a news source for these incidents

See this post:

AA263 also had an ill passenger onboard, so it needed to divert for two problems! :O

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I only posted it because it happened at my work, as I have done with other things without incident. I think there’s a difference between posting about any incident and posting about an incident that you witnessed first hand; then it becomes more of an aviation-related experience. I’ve never had an issue posting about those until now. I’m an experienced user on the forum, so how about we allow mods to make these decisions?