American 1 Heavy with Romeo ready to taxi

That is an example of what I hear on FSX when requesting to taxi. What does it mean “with Romeo”? Why do they say an alphanumeric letter along with taxiing? What is the purpose?

ATIS is a automatic weather report system that at the end of each report will tell the pilot a letter. The letter is then asked by clearance (tower) to make sure that the pilot listened to the updated ATIS.

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The people in charge of the aprons in international airports are Aipron control. And they will allow you to pushback. The ATIS is asked by ground, not Apron control. Just wanted to clarify 😀

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Actually you report which atis you have to delivery (every time they are updated they get a new letter) when you call delivery and get your route clearance, they can see you have the current atis, or if you don’t as it has just changed they will give you any new qnh.


True. I forgot to say that. I am a student pilot getting my ATP but what you said Is definitely true. Thanks 😃✈️

Just in-case you don’t know what ATIS is:

An ATIS report is usually either updated half-hourly or hourly… Like for WSSS and perhaps for most, if not, all commercial airports, it is half-hourly…

So the alphabet actually represents the time of the report

Usually it goes:
0000Z - A
0030Z - B
0100Z - C

And so on

Then it repeats when Z is used until 2330Z

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