America West Express CRJ-200

As the CRJ-200 isn’t released yet I think one major livery still hasn’t made it to Infinite Flight on any aircraft and if you read the title you would know that was the America West livery on the CRJ-200.

The CRJ-200s were operated by Mesa Airlines out of operating bases in Las Vegas and Phoenix with a focus hub in Los Angeles. While Mesa still operates for American out of Phoenix it’s operations are also now moved to Dallas and Louisville, the CRJ-200s were phased out as well in favor of the CRJ-900s operated now.

The America West CRJ is a necessary addition in my opinion as America West is one of the forgotten airlines in the United States and would complement the American Airlines CRJs operating in the American Southwest.

See for yourself:


This particular aircraft operated with Mesa for America West and later US Airways Express but was retired before joining American Eagle.

Please make sure to vote on this feature request if you think it is a worthy addition of Infinite Flight.

Yes i would like to have more liverys for crj200

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This is a great livery will free up a vote for this one oh and hey kevin😂

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Hmm… I do like the look of it.

But am out of votes tho. Sorry Kevin😜


Still hoping for this livery, as well as the US airways one but this livery was amazing

Yea I think this can be closed in place of the new one its been two years