America West Express CRJ 200 - N27318

Photo Credit: JE98W.

With the welcome introduction of America West into Infinite Flight in the 20.3 update, I thought it would be right to introduce a smaller companion to partner the 757.

The America West CRJ200 would be a wonderful retro CRJ for flying secondary and tertiary cities in the southwest and rocky mountain states. But more importantly it would also open up a plethora of small cities in Mexico, which I did in real life as well (flew Phoenix - Guaymas way back in 2003).

Not to mention that the actual livery itself is really unique, especially on the CRJ where the wings and horizontal stabilizers are painted green, a trend first made famous by Braniff and Trans Brasil.

Long story short, this is a plane filled with personal nostalgia, has lots of new routes to be flown and discovered, and the livery is pretty sweet!

Thanks for reading!


Unfortunately, this is a duplicate. However, the current topic is quite old, so it’s possible that it can be closed (moderator discretion).

Nonetheless, I love this livery and would love to see it on the CRJ-200!

It appears the old one has been closed. Let us hope this thread does better than the previous one!

Yup! This has got my vote, could really use it for AWVA!

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Thanks for the support, it is much appreciated!!

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Of course! LOVE the livery… I’m sure Deer agrees with me haha ;)

It’s a classic!

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This is where U.S. Airways got their CRJ-200’s! First saw them at La Guardia.

A CRJ200 with green wings? That’s neat!

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