America West CRJ-200

Ive searched and I haven’t found this
I think this is a great livery for the CRJ!


Nice livery. I would love to see this in the game,


RIP American West. Used to see thier 757 all the time


I miss this livery so much! I would love to see it in the sim!!

I wish I could vote but I am out of votes. Great livery!



  1. America West was based on Phoenix, AZ, not Salt Lake City.

  2. They bought US Airways and did a reverse merger to brand themselves as US Airways (hence the “Cactus” callsign and the ICAO code of “AWE” for US Airways, now American).

  3. America West Express was operated by Mesa and Chautauqua Airlines, not Sky West.

  4. The Former AWEX CRJs, Dash 8s, and B1900s are mostly either retired or operating for various airlines under either SkyWest or Envoy Air – it’s likely some, but not a lot of SkyWest aircraft were ex-AWEX but most if not all are flying for American Eagle from PHX, not Delta Connection.

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Oh man, You are right. I was thinking of Wester Airlines:-(
They sound so simular.

I’m going to bump my own topic… since the CRJ is winning a lot

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I like this livery! It is a shame that it is gone! It would still be cool to have in IF! :)

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It especially looks good on the CRJ-200! :)

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Yea I really wish this livery was still alive.

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I hope this great livery is added it’s old but gold!


I hope you vote for it if you really want it then!

Bumping this topic! I would fly this all day long if it was added! Sadly I’m out of votes😢.