America West A320-200

Hello! Im back with another feature request.

America West A320

Photo Credit Marco Dotti

America West was a Airline that commenced operations in the US in 1981. It ceased operations in 2008 when it merged with US Airways. At one point the amazing airline operated the queen of the skies.

My request is for the A320. The Livery is awesome and perfectly suits the A320. It is a fun and colourful livery.

Tell me what you think on this.

If I am correct, this aircraft is currently in service with American Airlines(?)

I have always loved this livery! I hope it is eventually added! :)


Yes! I would love to have this along with the entire America West fleet. I’m sad that the Cactus callsign is gone forever along with this great livery. 🌵 😭


Yeah it fits really well with the A320

I need a picture of the AW747…that seems weird to me. As far as I know only Delta United and Air Canada operated the 747 based in the U.S.

Nice request @Aussie_Cockatoo!
Might just have to vote for this!😉

So cool! I want it. I’d vote, but I’m out… 😔

You can always delete one of your votes :)

Yes, the airplane is in service with American Airlines :)

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