America to the Middle East w/ Emirates

Flight Info:

Route: KLAX - OMDB
Aircraft & Airline: Emirates B77W
Flight Time: 15:19hrs
Server: Training

At the terminal, boarding amongst a 77L outbound to KATL and another 77W to Auckland!

Lined up and ready for takeoff

And liftoff!

Cruising over Kings Canyon National Park at 35,000FT

A great view of the moon!

Sunset over Canada :)

Over the foggy mountains of Iran

‘Airport in sight, EK216’

Aaand a smooth touchdown and DXB

Parked and disembarking after a long tiring 15hr!


Nice photos, well done

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Thank you!

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Class! The Emirates 777 is amazing!

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Indeed it is!

Nice flight to Dubai. I flew to Dubai from Luanda, Kuala Lumpur etc with that Emirates B777

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