Amazon updates...

Why is it difficult to get an answer in this forum. Please when will the new updates appear in Amazon app store. I thought they said that they fixed the issues and the Amazon will be getting updates the same time as other platform.

look dont feel hard done by here iOS also doesnt have the update yet


Am not talking about iOS. I use Andriod, and I don’t have the updates. Should I not be worried? At least iOS users know that they will get the updates in a few days.

Initially they only launched the update for Nexus then pushed it onto other devices.

Then I have be expecting it in few days. I wonder why any of the staff don’t want come out and make an official statement about the updates. How and when all the devices will be getting it.

lets see i think they have made an announcement

I wrote to Amazon and responded promptly, but FDS is always keeping things to their chest.

iOS is good they only review it to make shure it follows there guidelines (copywrite and stuff)

nope they do far more than that

Found this :)

go to the common app rejections section

and you will see what they test.

(getting off topic though)

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