Amazon Update, new account page, developer forum and more...

Oh god please🤑😇

Never mind @philippe they work now, but the Kindle does have touch screen bugs

Tomorrow-tues or wed

So Monday Tues and Wesenday!! Ty

Re: account management page, would it be possible to include the ATC ops in the stats?

I’ve had a fair bit of trouble with signing in on mobile devices (both tablet and phone, stock browser and chrome for mobile). On the phone it tends to just display a blank page with ‘Connecting’ showing up continuously, and on tablet (using Chrome) it redirects me to the login page after authentication (the Google message shows up with the ‘welcome, Alexei…’, so authent is successful) - rather than going to the account summary page.

No issues like that on desktop using a regular browser, just mobile devices for some reason

Ho do you get live guys

Sign in with your google account on Live and buy Live

I have a kindle but how do you get live

Do you have to pay


Yes, £3.99 British Stirling per Month and £39.99 British Stirling per Month.