Amazon Update, new account page, developer forum and more...

Update for Amazon AppStore

We finally fixed some issues that prevented us to release new updates to the Amazon AppStore. Both Google Play and Amazon AppStore versions of the app are now identical and offers all the great new content and features from our most recent update.

It is worth mentioning that on the Amazon AppStore you need an existing Infinite Flight Live account in order to fly in multiplayer. If you don’t have one, you can purchase one on our new account management page.

Account management page

We recently launched a new account management page allowing you to create an Infinite Flight Live account or check the status of your existing account (XP, flight time, etc…) as well as purchase new monthly or yearly Live passes.

If you are renewing your subscription consider doing so through this new site since there are a lot less fees on our end. Unfortunately we can’t have different pricing than on iTunes/Google Play as per Apple/Google’s rules.

This page is still a work in progress but along with more flexible payment options, we will add more features down the road and integrate more services into a central Infinite Flight website (forum, blog, support, store, etc…)

Official swag store

You have been many to ask about Infinite Flight swag and we finally launched an official store. There you can (soon) order our first official Infinite Flight T-shirt (we actually tested it and it is great quality). We will add more swag options down the road, feel free to send us suggestions.

As we are writing this the first item is still not live on the store; it should appear in the next 24hrs.

Developer forum

As a small team we realized we can’t address every single feature request that come our way as fast as would like, this is why the last update introduced the new Infinite Flight Connect API. This is something we have been working on for a while to enable third party developers to extend Infinite Flight with specific features.
In order to facilitate communication between us and the developers interested in extending IF, We are opening to everyone a section of this forum dedicated to Infinite Flight third party development.
If you have any question about the Infinite Flight Connect API or to talk with other third party developers, the Developer category with where all the fun is at.


Wow, you guys have been busy! I CANNOT wait to order some shirts! Hats off to you guys.


hmm this shirt you speak about, sounds interesting.


Is the update on Kindle Fire @Philippe? Sorry for tagging you :)

You guys are seriously doing a great job. Keep it up! :)

Hehe good name choice :)

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If you’re sorry then don’t tag him hahaha ;)


That’s awesome!! You guys are awesome!! I’m sure you don’t hear it enough, if so just refer to this post 😎

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You mean the Swang Store?


So I’m guessing you get 100% off then haha?

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Swag sounds better ;)


I suppose then that you can ship around the world, IF is popular you know.

Keep up with the good work, guys.

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Worldwide Shipping?

would be nice if one item was a model of A373 IF BBJ

The T-Shirt has been added to the store! I’m buying one right now. :)

In the year 2050

Or at 20:50 on tuesday😂

Or maybe tomorrow!!