Amazon prime Livery’s

Since Amazon use the 737 and the 767 I was thinking that infinite flight should make Amazon livery’s for the 737-800 and the 777-200F. The amazon prime livery would look nicer on the triple 777-200F rather then it having it to be on the 767-300

Hey! Be sure to show your support below! Voting is the best way to show your support towards something in the #features category. There are already existing topics for these additions. Be sure to search them up as you may be surprised to see an already open request. 😄

Also for future reference you must be TL2 to make new feature posts

I agree, the Prime livery looks cool on the 777F:

From AVSIM library

However, the development team prefers not to add any fictional liveries. Prime Air does not use 777Fs, making it fictional. (fun to dream, though!) In regards to the Prime Air 737, you can follow @infiniteflight_17’s advice on voting for the livery to be added to that aircraft.

Cheers! :)

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