Amazon Prime B767

Hi everyone I would like this in IF because I think this is a really cool livery and this would be great looking to, I know there is a different request but mine is with the wing tips on the sides the other ones I found have no wing tips so mine is slightly different. I couldn’t find any request with the wing tips. This is a Amazon Prime B767.
Thank you very much

(I don’t know the photo credit)
Like I said I’m not sure if this would be the same as the other requests because mine has the wing tips. Thank you

I hope we get this livery!

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You got my vote

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Unfortunately, this is a duplicate:

The linked topic has over 20 votes. Please search before posting.


Like I said I’m not sure if it’s the same because of the wing tips on the ends of the wings

Thank you 👍🏽👍🏽

the livery itself would be a really nice introduction, but I can pretty much guarantee its pointless until we have a reworked 767 :/

Hmm. I guess we’ll see what the mods say. There is a difference between the 767s…

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Ok thank you

I’m pretty sure that it wouldn’t matter regarding the wingtips, because in IF they are different for each livery. And overall the difference is very small.

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Oh ok thank you

It’s a duplicate, Prime fly the 767-200F and 300F variants. The other request is for the 767-200F, the winglets could have been a mid life modification to increase range and lower fuel consumption.

As much as it pains me to say it, I have a feeling this will be closed unless you can prove it’s the -300.

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Lets use the other one since it already has a good number of votes.