Amazon Prime Air Boeing 767-300F

Giving this a bumb it is a must need


I would love this livery. Since the recent crash, it would be nice to have this livery for remembrance of the crew.


Unfortunately, one of the 30 Atlas Air “Amazon Prime Air” aircrafts has crashed… RIP N1217A. But yes, it would be nice to see this livery in the game.


This is a must need for infinite flight because Amazon ABX, ATI, and Atlas Airis one of the better US Cargo Carriers


Give this a bump would love to see with a light reworked

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Ja they need to add the 76Fs

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This would be amazing to have an Amazon prime livery in infinite flight. Hopefully it will come out soon. I’m going to try and free up a vote for this.

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Surprised this hasn’t been added yet.


I really, really like this livery! But I like the Winglet version more. I’ll see if I can drop a vote for it.

I hope we could get this and some other cargo liveries for the 767 for the next update no physics or graphic improvements just liveries

I would love to see this… yes please!

I wonder if this will be a no frills airline lol

As I’m editing the airport of an Amazon Air hub, I’m adding the gates under the name of ‘Amazon Air ##’. If I want to host a flyout, I’d need this livery! 😃

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If you look closely, you can see me on there binge watching the office on there

We seriously do need this though. it would be fun to fly.

And when is the 767 rework coming?

Would be great to see Prime Air get recognition in Infinite Flight. Such an underrated livery.

Its amazing how Infinite Flight has the 2 other biggest delivery business in the world but yet they cant add an Amazon Prime livery 😂

And I only bring this up because I deliver for Amazon

So cool and amazing!