Amazon Prime Air 767-300 at 15,000 feet INCREDIBLE DETAIL!

Here is a 767-300F flown by Prime Air on approach at 15,000 feet. It’s registration is N313AZ. These photos are ( in my opinion ) very detailed for it’s altitude. This is my “Thank You” to everyone who helped me here:

(Look at the beautiful engines!)
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Thank You!


Would you like more photos of planes on approach? Comment below.

  • Yes, More photos please
  • Yes, but only really good ones or special/rare planes
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Very nice but you don’t need that many polls. It takes ages to scroll and people can simply comment what they liked.


Very nice photos! By the way, I would love to see a Boeing 747 Dreamlifter, although, those are really rare to spot :)

I never acually saw a Amazon prime plane before. Photos, yes, but real life no.

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Looks amazing! Didn’t even know these existed!

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What camera did you end up getting, and what was your exposure when you took these photos?

I ended up getting a Canon SX60 HS with 65X optical zoom + 30X digital zoom.

Thank you!

Thank you! Where I live, Dreamlifters aren’t THAT rare, so I might see one this year.

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