Amazon download to Google play?

Can you screenshot the about section within the app? Also a picture of what the imagery looks like will let us know what you have installed.

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What is the section within the app?

On the home screen.

Spwan somewhere so we can see the imagery

I Think he ment this page
Then click about in the bottom left

Ohh lol ok.

I don’t have everything on da left.

I think we are beating a dead horse here now. You’ve stated before that your device supports global.

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This is weird now

Well it seems like your device does not support Infinite flight global

You definitely have Pre Global. I have a kindle, and this is not global.

That’s the old version. That’s “pre global” because you don’t have the 15m imagery here.

So should I get a new phone?

Just type in the search box and have a look in the #general section for recommended devices. Also the link provided many comments back includes the IF device compatibility thread from @Kirito_77

Good luck and we hope you can join us soon with a newer device :)