Amazon download to Google play?


If I downloaded it from Amazon appstore doesn’t me it’s an Amazon device ok?


Shyllburg or something said my phone was compatible so ya


Ya sorry I missunderstond You


What type of phone is it


Nexus 6p and ok


Try this thread.Either Kirito or Starley or someone who knows will let you know if it’s compatible :)


Is this the same device you had in this thread?

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Huh I forgot about that post and yes


When did you stop getting the new features after you updated it? Was it 18.5 18.4 etc


18.05 it says


So what exactly is the issue here? Are you under the impression that the app is not updating. I know before you said that your dad helped out before. If you are on version 18.5 then that’s the latest available public version.

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But nothing in the game changed. I can’t turn off and on my engines and all those cool stuff


And no tbm-900 either the only ‘new plane’ is the 787 series


Engine on and off was the official Global update


So your device doesn’t support global then


Well it updated and I don’t have it that’s da problem


Hmmmmmmmmmmmm that kinda makes sense!!! I needs check if mines is compatible still…


Can you screenshot the about section within the app? Also a picture of what the imagery looks like will let us know what you have installed.

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What is the section within the app?


On the home screen.