Amazon can't ship IF T-shirts to Norway


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Only in USA, i know it is bad…

I hate Amazon

Buy the IF T-Shirt from Zazzle

I love Amazon but it is also probably at sellers discretion(FDS).

Please DONT Add stupid to titlr


Did the title begin with stupid at first?

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no, its the specific t-shirt design service Amazon offers. The service just doesn’t go to outside the USA yet.

This forum is so strictly is my opinion if I hate Amazon I hate Amazon

Can someone support me instead of get angry at me is a were hard period for me now

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Nothing there just the old one

Its not that Amazon doesn’t ship there. Its that the item doesn’t ship there. Keep in mind that when buying off of Amazon, the money goes to the company producing the item. Amazon is a delivery service. How it works is the company selling the item pays Amazon to store, ship, and sell their products for them.

Which company sell them?

Click on the item on Amazon, and look for a the seller name highlighted in blue. It will take you to a page showing their yearly/monthly ratings, packages sold, and their email for you to contact them.

Thanks mate you are my hero

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This has happend to me before. If they don’t ship to your country, then they simply don’t ship to your country. Its like asking for a flight to Singapore on Ryan air. They simply don’t fly there.

I’d try and contact them though anyways. Still worth a shot.

If you ship it to a fried in a different country you can ask them to then send it to you.