Amazon B767-300F

Amazon charters 20 Boeing 767 F . It would be cool to see it in IF.

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Looks like UPS. A big yes from me! :)

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I think they work together.

From the link provided


Thanks, I hate clicking on links to see the picture.
I heard about this a few weeks ago


Thanks Its better

If you read the link, it says they currently do along with FedEx and USPS, but ‘they want to take matters into their own hands’

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Yes the new planes are leased and are independent from FedEx or UPS this allows them to focus in their deliveries

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Who ever did that Photoshopping was pretty lazy.

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Is there a confirmed livery, yet? From a Google search there seemed to be a lot of different ideas and just rumors. This one might have to wait till one rolls off the production line.

I went from eBay to Amazon.

This would also be a nice jet for KSDF! We have a very big Amazon Fullfillment warehouse here!

They might not have a livery as they don’t own the planes however British Airways had their livery on a B747-8F which they didn’t own do anything is possible but I doubt it’s a big priority for them after all their interest is not in aviation it’s about making money, so I doubt they will get a livery designed and applied

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