Amazon Air 737-800


Hey I’m back With a feature request with my favorite and home airline Amazon Air just last week anncouced a deal with southern air to lease 5 737-800 the livery was just realesed it is similar but I like it way better than the 767

amazon air

about southern air

about the 737-800

If this added it will be the first 737-800 BCF


That’s actually pretty nifty! Hope to see them in PIT maby, but a really nice livery actually…


Could you make this the photo, the current one is a bit blurry


Wow, that’s one nice airplane from Amazon! They should use that to fly into MHT :)


I agree. We don’t get Prime service in ATL so it would be nice to see some


Really? No way…

(I’m not really doubting you, I just find that very surprising)


Me too. I thought it would be happening soon, but there are no current flights with Prime Air to ATL. They use FedEX and UPS for ATL as of now


This & the Boeing 767-300 freight Prime Air got me so shook! 😍 fantastic feature request!


Changed the picture for you guys as it’s Better quality thanks for the support


i didnt know the 737-800 could do cargo


Yes it can. It is just configured in a different way to a passenger varient by quite a bit.
I reckon most aircraft can be configured into a cargo varient.


That’s a really tidy livery actually, I like it. You have my vote!


Thanks for the suport on this topic hope we’ll see it in game some day


Hm, this livery looks like very familiar. Maybe i see it before


Saw one today as I was loading onto a plane, really weird seeing a Southern 737


Cool did you know where you saw it


This livery is simply beautiful! :D

Love the blue color on this airplane


When the heck did they get that?


I said wow out loud! I’ve never seen or heard anything about this lease! I love that color! The livery looks really nice!


Late March I think they delayed the announcement because of the crash