Amazing weather in London Region

Extreme turbulence and very strong gusts. A true challenge for pilots landing now.


Oké in the netherlands it Will be tommorow
Shall I be ATC somewere?

Completed a flight in the B777, heavy turbulence all the way up FL380 and prob made on of my worse landings back at EGLL, crabbed in and ended up floating a longway down runway 27L before touch done.

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I flew form east midlands in a 172, tried to land at the airport near to Birmingham and then had to divert to Birmingham for a more stable crosswind. I love weather like that and the fact of having to divert is super realism.

Trying to land at Gatwick currently. This will be fun :-)

What’s the weather conditions? And what plane?

A380. Wind 15kts ( 18008kt)

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Landed safely. Low viability with crosswind of 14 kts. Not bad for a rookie still learning

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Haha it could be in London again tomorrow it’s real windy in northern Ireland

We need Belfast Int :-)

Haha yes we do great approach for runway to 5 coming over the hills then a turn on to final

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I managed to land a 757 in Birmingham with an 18 knot crosswind which went fairly well

There’s a gale where I am, so it’s likely that London will have similar weather.

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I’m a passenger at least 4 times a month coming into that approach :-)

For the remembers de parade in my town we had a helicopter circling the area and when it tried, it couldn’t stay still :)

The wind is coming from the east here, so I might get some planes over my house on downwind 14

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As of sending this, the nearest plane is FR2483 I think. It’s coming from Riga and I hope it comes over my house.

Haha, well an a380 etc is abit easy get back to a Cessna and tell me how well a 20knt crosswind goes for ya haha

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