Amazing trip! Moving to France! Delta A330-300 Comfort+ Trip Report!

Hello, IFC!

This is part 2 of my trip report!

As I arrived at the gate and deplaned, I looked at the gate map and saw that the gate for my next flight was exactly the farthest away in the entire airport, and not any airport. It was ATL. I swiftly went underground and sprinted down the 3 miles of jungly tunnels with rainforest noises because I needed exercise. I arrived at my gate 15 minutes later and chugged about 10 liters of water. It was then time to go eat something, because it was dinnertime.

I went to the nearest hudson news and found some little mozarella and tomato roll-ups which were very nice. I later found out that I would be fed on the plane so I didn’t eat anything else at the airport.

after 3 hours of being called an egg by @AndrewWu and making sure my siblings didn’t board the flight to seoul, it was time to board my own flight. I was handed a clorox wipe and the pilot complimented my shirt, then I went on the eternal quest to find my seat.

My seat was 2 rows after the door on the right. That was not too hard :)

The plane was pretty much empty, with around 100 people on the A330-300. My seat was 12A but I had 2 rows to myself with a total of 4 window seats, 2 on each side of the plane. I sat on the right side for taxi and takeoff because I knew I would get a nice view of the airport, and I did!

After takeoff, dinner was served. The meal consisted of pasta with tomatoes and sauce and a refreshing salad made of cucumbers and tomatoes. The dessert was ice cream from ben&jerry.

As I ate, I had a wonderful view of a powerful thunderstorm above Philadelphia which was absolutely awe inducing and after watching the storm and eating my meal, it was time to attack the ice cream.

I made an Elvis Presley with my spoon hehe now that’s skill :)

After the meal, I settled on the 4 middle row seats and napped for a while. I woke up just in time for sunrise, which I watched from my assigned seat, on the left side of the plane. Here it is!

Once the sun had risen, it was time for breakfast. This meal was absolutely awful, and I’m no picky eater. There was a little fruit salad which was great, but the main meal was nasty. It was a weird little burger which consisted of 2 patties with an egg and a very thick slice of cheese inside. This should have been good, but the issue is that the egg and cheese combined were about 3 times thicker than both buns combined so it was impossible to grab because the egg had flowed in the box and so I had to eat a burger with a spoon. The cheese was bad too. The bread was very nice though (I’m working on optimism here lol).

After this wonderful meal, I removed the taste in my mouth by eating the clorox wipe that was given to us upon boarding and that seemed to take the egg taste out of my mouth and replace it with a refreshing taste of Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane.

After the meal, I looked for DARK on the IFEs because @Oskapew had recommended it but it was nowhere to be found, so I settled on watching Inception, which despite it being the 20th time I watch it, still succeeded in giving me a headache while trying to understand it. I’m not a quick eggo ig.

Right as Dicaprio woke up for the 745th time, the captain announced the initial descent.

Descending into CDG was bumpy, with scattered showers and storms patrolling the northern coast of France. After 20 minutes of bumpy descent, we were on final at CDG. We touched down smoothly, and the pilot did a little brakedance (get it) which made the entire plane rock front and back because the pilot kept turning the reverse thrusters on and off.

We crossed the entire airport, passing by dozens of grounded Air France 777s and A330s (including the greenpeace one) and then finally parked at the international terminal, between an Air China A330 and an Air France 787.

I swiftly deplaned as I was on the second row behind the exit and sprinted towards baggage claim. My luggage was nowhere to be found. I went home baggageless and got a message from Air France.

My luggage was on the flight to Ouagadougou.

I got my luggage an hour before I posted this so that’s nice.

Thank you for reading!

Stay safe!



looks like a nice trip!

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Nice trip report! I hoped your bags had a nice time in Ouagadougou


Thanks! I think they had a great time, they came back with a tan!


You’re in luck… I questioned existence after watching the show… A mix of like 4 different times that are barely separable and then the time travel between them, but only under certain circumstances, etc… I watched it last summer and my brain hasn’t recovered yet


Nice trip report as always!
and we meet again

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I watched inception instead which has like 79 different times 💀

Btw hi marcel 👋

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Nice tripreport, I remember the time I flew with Delta on a 747 from Taipei to Tokyo back when Delta flies to Taipei via Tokyo. Delta’s seats and cabins have clearly improved and it looks quite comfortable. Never flown on them to the US, but I would like to try it in the future.

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You and @Alex_Kraz can meet up sometime for tea and baguettes!

And Great pictures Monsieur Robertine


Sounds like an awesome trip! And outstanding photos, it makes me really miss flying commercial. I have be on a commerical flight since March of 2020 when I flew to Hawaii. Fortunately my family is now fully vaccinated so we have a pretty good amount of flights booked for this summer😄

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@saam @Gaby_clt , @Jeremy351 @Aurel

AF 🇫🇷

Oh :


Great trip report! It looks like Seattle followed you to France. Hehe…


Where is this

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Capital of Burkina Faso

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Mister Worldwide

Great trip report 🙂


Don’t play with your food!!!
Jokes aside, nice trip report and I hope to see spotting picks in Paris.


Jeb would not approve of that service 😂😂 nice report!

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Ive been to every continent except for antarctica so yay

Yes masta

Jeb doesn’t even approve of inflight headphones so yeah no 😂