Amazing Takeoffs Vietnam War

Found these gems in an thread.


The first one is a Douglas DC-8-60 taking off from a 4,000 ft. runway! Keep in mind that this is in hot conditions. I won’t spoil what happens during the takeoff roll but it is exactly what I look for as an avgeek.

This next one are some landings military and commercial of some aircraft in Vietnam. Pan Am 707 landing is awesome. Hope to try it out in *cough cough*, Infinite Flight ;)

@Maxmustang this seems like the stuff you’re interested in

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Wow. Mind blowing.

Thank you Boeing. Those were the days. Young, unafraid and a target rich environment. Max Sends

(We called the Commercial stuff the “Freedom Bird”. Rode that bird 3 times.
Always rode “Flying Tiger Airlines”, hell of a booze run eastbound and down.
Danang, Kadena, Hickum, Ontario… Kissed the ground at Ontario every time)

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It’s well worth going to YouTube and reading the comments under that first video. Some of the folk who were there that day have been commenting on it. Makes for fascinating reading.