Amazing tailstrike 737-9

KCVG-KATL 739 - Night tailstrike for the bois![Delta%20tailstrike|800x600]


I don’t see a tailstrike ;)

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welp let me add it

i don’t see anything for that matter


@anon79257371 added it

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Cool shots. Only suggestion is to probably make them brighter so we can see it better. That screeching of the metal rubbing against the runway was probably loud! ;)

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Nice photos, especially now that they follow the title. Always wondered what a tailstrike sounds like. Rip metal and paint.

probably like a ree?

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how can i do that?

Well you’ll have re post the pics on the topic and delete the existing ones. If your on IOS you can simply go into the general photos app on your device —> click “edit” (top left corner of image on photos application) —> Bottom left selector of editing choices (looks kind of like a clock for the icon —> scroll all the way to the right to brightness and adjust. Hope this helps.

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@infiniteflight_17 there i think i did it right?

Looking much better in my opinion!

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